Iris Training, LLC is committed to helping you make a difference in your community. We accomplish this by providing results-oriented training to law enforcement and other allied professionals. Our focus is to offer you classes that are tailored to your location and address issues that you are faced with on a daily basis. We can help you engage your employees so that they have the ability to initiate change and make your community a safer place.


Courses & Programs

Our courses are designed to improve  performance on the job. We provide you with a variety of tools, techniques and instruction that enable learning objectives.  All courses are tailored to the jurisdiction where they are presented to ensure they are relevant and can be utilized to improve outcomes.  The result is to that you are able to directly apply the training and make a difference in your own community.


Human Trafficking for Frontline Officers:

An All Crimes Approach

This four-hour course was developed for uniformed officers to provide the training they need to detect activities linked to sex trafficking.We will discuss tradecraft, modus operandi of traffickers and victimology and learn to-

  • Identify victims and suspects

  • Understand the importance of being victim-center and offender focused

  • Collect and preserve evidence

  • Enhance officer safety

  • Maintain officer integrity

  • Interview strategies

  • Document facts and circumstances

  • Make mandatory notifications  

  • Refer victims to available service providers

Human Trafficking Investigations

This course was developed for human trafficking investigators and is designed to increase the efficacy of your investigations and operations. Instruction is provided to build a foundation of understanding and then together we will utilize the tools necessary to design, plan and carry out a variety of human trafficking operations. This is a hands on class whose goal is to arm you with an executable plan to engage sex traffickers in their arena. Over the three day course you will learn how to:

  • Implement a systematic method to address human trafficking within your agency

  • Use technology during human trafficking operations and investigations

  • Identify sources of evidence and learn best practices for collection 

  • Obtain resources to assist you in your investigations

  • Develop, document and implement human trafficking operations during class

Training for Allied Professionals

The most successful human traffic initiatives have one thing in common-a shared understanding across multiple sectors that are committed to addressing human trafficking.  This course will supply necessary information to empower allied professionals with the ability to apply their unique knowledge and skills in identifying victims and helping them become survivors. The complexity of victimization requires a shared understanding of human trafficking.  This training is designed to provide employees of industries such as healthcare, hospitality, transportation, youth mentoring, child welfare and others a foundation of knowledge to recognize the indicators and discern the victimization process and culture. As a group we can identify and address the obstacles that prevent victims from becoming survivors .

Bilingual Instruction (Spanish/English)

IRIS Training reconoce que hay muchas personas al riesgo de ser víctimas de la trata de personas que no hablan inglés.  Estas personas vienen de otros países con sus propios costumbres y cultura.  En los Estados Unidos hay varias industrias, como la hostelería y la agricultura, que dependen de estos empleados.  Es importante que todos tus empleados sean informados de este problema en su propio idioma. Presentar este tipo de información aumentara la credibilidad y confianza que empleados tienen en su empleador. Somos capaces de ofrecer información de la trata de personas, los derechos de víctimas y como obtener ayuda en español.   Simplemente pónganse en contacto para obtener más información sobre nuestros servicios.

IRIS Training recognizes that many of the victims of human trafficking were born in other countries and cultures. Various industries, such as hospitality and agriculture, employ large groups of Spanish speaking employees that are in need of training delivered to them in their native language. We are able to provide training with native (Spain) fluency thus building trust and credibility with your community of employees. 

Please contact us about additional courses. We can develop a course with you that will address the problems your department is experiencing. Additional course topics not featured include : Strategies to engage your analysts, Labor Trafficking, Illicit Massage Business Investigations, Policy Development and Supervision of Human Trafficking Law Enforcement Operations

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More About Us

Iris Training, LLC is led by Rick Hoffman who is a 24 year police veteran retired from the Raleigh Police Department in December of 2017 as the Major in charge of the Investigative division.  During his career in Raleigh, Major Hoffman had the opportunity to serve in every division and also as the department investigative liaison to the Wake County District Attorney’s Office. He was certified as a police trainer in 2000 and continues to be passionate about providing relevant, actionable training to officers. As a lieutenant in charge of the Raleigh Intelligence Center, Hoffman focused on developing a consistent and proactive response to Human Trafficking cases. 


Supervising specialized units involved in combatting violent crime provided him the ability to see the intersection of these crimes with human trafficking. He began developing his All Crimes Approach to attack this growing problem. His efforts in this arena afforded him opportunities to present to the U.S. Attorney General and groups such as the Governor’s Crime Commission, the North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking, and the Human Trafficking Commission.  As a native (Spain) Spanish speaker Major Hoffman participates in outreach activities to engage immigrant workers in an effort to identify and understand labor trafficking vulnerabilities.


Since retirement, he has formed Iris Training, LLC and partnered with government organizations, NGOs, academic researchers and private technology companies to enhance training for law enforcement and other allied professionals.  He has developed and provided advanced investigative courses to local, state, tribal and federal law enforcement agencies across the country. These classes and labs utilize the latest technologies available such as ad aggregators, mobile phone tools and online services. He has also been contracted as a subject matter expert to assist attorneys in pending J1, U and T visa cases for victims of labor trafficking.  His passion is to develop anti-trafficking strategies that will assist officers in  realizing their full potential  and improve outcomes for victims of human trafficking.


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